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by Think Tank

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Lopson Sometimes, you just need a solid prog act to accompany you through your daily life. A thoughtful album with great execution, an easy recommendation. Favorite track: Fool You Are.
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The new EP by Think Tank, out in all digital stores on May 11th 2017. Preorder from April 21st 2017.

Artwork and graphics by Arianna Operamolla.

Lino Paglionico (vocals)
Fabio Prota (keyboards)
Gennaro Piepoli (guitar, vocals)
Davide Vacca (bass)
Gese Marsico (drums)

Special thanks to singer Rossella Antonacci for her voice on "Joe the Joiner" (Mary's role and choir).


released May 11, 2017

Recorded by Gese Marsico at Studio Reverse (Bari, Italy). Mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Bolognini at MAST Recording Studio (Bari, Italy). Produced by Think Tank.

All music are written by G. Marsico, L. Paglionico, G. Piepoli, F. Prota, D. Vacca. Lyrics by L. Paglionico, G. Piepoli.



all rights reserved


Think Tank Bari, Italy

Think Tank is a band made by 5 musicians, all from Bari, born in 2015. Ranging from the 70s suggestions (Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Yes, etc.) to the most modern and post-progressive Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree atmospheres, Think Tank begin the composition and production of the songs that give shape to the first self-titled and self-produced EP, out in all digital stores on May 11th, 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Joe the Joiner
Here's the story about a buddy
Joe The Joiner and his wifie
She said: “my hymen is sacred as a grave
Well, there's a party down at The Cave

I'll take a drink or two
I hang out with the girls
Don't wait for me awake
I'll be late”

Then some weeks later He
noticed something weird
Her breasts and belly growing
She could no longer hide it

And told him about an angel
who put his holy fluid right there,
Now carrying in her womb
a magic son

Holy Ghostly Baby? It sounds like lately
you drank too much Bloody Mary, yet
everybody knows angels do not lie at all
from the Spirit all the babies come
I would have rather been the first
to whet her clit instead of blathering, from log
only puppets grow, so how can God go wrong?
From moths the holes are born

Pss pss Joe
Hey listen here
I have to tell you a thing
I've seen your “holy” wife about a year ago
she was with Gabriel The Black, down at The Cave
you know, The Black and... not because of his skin...
I really think you should ask her some questions
about holiness and magic...

(Holy Spirit Carries Babies)

Holy Wholly Holy, they will write a
fancy story for those who will believe,
you'd better think to a brand new husband kit
from Ikea's joinery
It's kinda funny, it ain't no shame
where there's no blame so let us fake it all,
truth is obviousness, how did I go wrong?
From moths the holes are... born

holy virgin, holy child, holy Ghosts 'n' Goblins, holy holiness,
holy hymen, holy cock, sorry i meant holy God, holy everything, holy whore
Track Name: Dreary Anxious
I, dreary anxious,

Feeding my days through the eye of a needle
when I smile,
Cos' the light barely enters the surface,
Of my
fierce and comfortable loneliness,
Feelin' like waves going down on a river,
And try
to get better
Swallowing spherical happiness

But I don't wanna waste all my time,

This idleness is wrecking my life,
But I will be fine if I look in your eyes...

I gotta wish upon a star to get a sympathetic way of livin'
And crashing all my fears
And I got to beaver,
Happiness, loosin’ my time with you...

Cos' I don't wanna waste all my time,

This idleness is wrecking my life,

But I will be fine if I look in your eyes...

I, no more anxious,
Happily loosing my time with you...

Yes I won't go on wasting my time,

This idleness has waved me goodbye,

Yes I will be fine 'til I look in your eyes.
Track Name: Serendipity
Watching outside the windowpane
Ain't just the way to live
Lost in a time when life and hopes were real
Walking the line that lies between
The future and the past
Waiting for glorious Serendipity

The higher we go, the best we fail
When all we try to do
It’s making a sense of all our lifelong dreams
And wasting our time in search for more,
But still we won’t succeed
‘Cos we’re waiting another Serendipity

But I will stand upon
The future lies where all the dreams are made of sand and stones
Waiting on

And how can you tell that all we shared is lost to wear and tear
How you deny that all we have is fear
And how can this train go down so fast
When all we care won't last
Waiting another Serendipity

But I will stand upon
The future lies where all the dreams are made of sand and stones
Waiting on

Floating around this iron coated wheel
Watching the lines go down and up through cold and empty slopes
I will make return
You should try to live your life with no regrets

Drawing the line that lies between
The future and the past
Waiting another Serendipity
What else a man can do
What else a man can do
Track Name: Fool You Are
Fool you are to think that it's all over
Fool you are if you think you could replace me
Fool you are when you dream of me at night,
by day you can't dream at all…
…those late night dreams are almost gone
Our affair was not love at first sight
I’ll keep it safely inside
analyzing what you’ve already done
just do yourself one last favour

Don’t come back to my arms again
it wouldn't be a cure
for an insecure who
meets an immature
handsome son of… bitch as me
you'd better stay away, my dear
do you mind it, honey?

Funny you are with those glossy Tiffany green glasses
despite them you still stay quite attractive
I'm still crazy about your singing voice
cause you're like the quark of James Joyce
mesmerize me and I'll tell you everything that lies
buried in my mind

Don’t come close to my heart again
you know it is rough
hadn’t you enough
of this shitty gruff?
then comes a morn when you wake up into a pensive mood
undress your soul until you're nude.
what d’you wonder?
Track Name: The Dark Inside of the Fool
There's a place in everyone's mind where no one should wish (want) to live
That's a blue and black (gold and white) colored place anyone should need to leave

You can feel the cosmic void by
simply staring at the eyes
of these mass produced grey dummies
with a goofy grin on their mouth

Army of zombies in the rearview mirror
all dressed up in tight cuffs pants
dumb all over and I was thinking to flee
until one dummy started to say:

“Am I missing something?” Yes, your brain, perhaps…
Let me Google that for you, sorry, nothing found

(uh oh, 404 error, sorry, the brain you requested may have been moved or deleted, let's try one of the following remedies to get you back on track)

If we all try to act like idiots
who could tell who's the real loon
misanthropy is the only way
no one can tell the hermit's fool

Logic will get you from A to B,
stupidity of course will take you somewhere
thin is the line between the silly and the brave
should we try or should we waive?

“Are you waiting for something?” An asteroid, perhaps...
meanwhile won't you bring me to the dark inside of you

There's a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
inside the most hidden intimate side of us all,
so please let's not Flaubert get mad and Charles Darwin whine and cry
if we break our mirror there'll be no fool left to fight