The Dark Inside of the Fool

from by Think Tank



"The Dark Inside of the Fool", from the new EP by Think Tank, out in all digital stores on May 11th 2017. Preorder from April 21st 2017.

Lino Paglionico (vocals)
Fabio Prota (keyboards)
Gennaro Piepoli (guitar, vocals)
Davide Vacca (bass)
Gese Marsico (drums)


There's a place in everyone's mind where no one should wish (want) to live
That's a blue and black (gold and white) colored place anyone should need to leave

You can feel the cosmic void by
simply staring at the eyes
of these mass produced grey dummies
with a goofy grin on their mouth

Army of zombies in the rearview mirror
all dressed up in tight cuffs pants
dumb all over and I was thinking to flee
until one dummy started to say:

“Am I missing something?” Yes, your brain, perhaps…
Let me Google that for you, sorry, nothing found

(uh oh, 404 error, sorry, the brain you requested may have been moved or deleted, let's try one of the following remedies to get you back on track)

If we all try to act like idiots
who could tell who's the real loon
misanthropy is the only way
no one can tell the hermit's fool

Logic will get you from A to B,
stupidity of course will take you somewhere
thin is the line between the silly and the brave
should we try or should we waive?

“Are you waiting for something?” An asteroid, perhaps...
meanwhile won't you bring me to the dark inside of you

There's a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
inside the most hidden intimate side of us all,
so please let's not Flaubert get mad and Charles Darwin whine and cry
if we break our mirror there'll be no fool left to fight


from Think Tank, released May 11, 2017
Music by G. Marsico. L. Paglionico, G. Piepoli, F. Prota, D. Vacca
Lyrics by L. Paglionico



all rights reserved


Think Tank Bari, Italy

Think Tank is a band made by 5 musicians, all from Bari, born in 2015. Ranging from the 70s suggestions (Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Yes, etc.) to the most modern and post-progressive Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree atmospheres, Think Tank begin the composition and production of the songs that give shape to the first self-titled and self-produced EP, out in all digital stores on May 11th, 2017. ... more

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